Our 2nd Annual Club Championships were held the weekends of January 17-18th and 24-25th!    Congratulations to all the players and thanks for two fun weekends of great tennis!  Special congrats to the following winners and finalists:

  • Men’s A Singles Winner:   Jon Mellen      Men’s A Singles Finalist:  Larry Barnes
  • Women’s A Singles Winner:  Elizabeth Keene    Women’s A Singles Finalist:  Jeffie Goodwin
  • Men’s A Doubles Winners:  Glenn McKune/B Manning    Men’s A Doubles Finalists:  Ken Limburg/ Larry Barnes
  • Women’s A Doubles Winner:  Kris Lidbeck/Kathy Hasu    Women’s A Doubles Finalists:  Daniela Mellen/Jeffie Goodwin
  • Women’s B Singles Winner:  Emma Limburg      Women’s B Singles Finalist:  Liz Cacciola
  • Women’s B Doubles Winners:  Dot Diehl/Liz Cacciola     Women’s B Doubles Finalists:  Emmie Snyder/Emma Limburg