paradeBP_018!cid_0F935EDCA7714E33B94CD03398BC82D3@WhiteyJoslinMRFC’s  Body Pump float took 1st place in this past weekend’s Hospital Day Parade in New London!  The theme for this year’s parade was Fitness is Fun and the MRFC team of float participants showed how true that is!   Thanks to Lisa Hurley, Jeffie Goodwin, Ashley Grace, Steve Norris, Peter Bradley, Heather Grace and Kate Kozain for all their hard work and energy!  Thanks also to the Hurley for the use of the flatbed, the Goodwin’s for the use of the truck and to Richard King for driving and to Bri Maguire, Courtney Goodwin and Kyle Goodwin for throwing tootsie rolls!!cid_E08EE462FE7C430C9037023A990E23DA@WhiteyJoslin!cid_488030AF01DE4741AE9CB3DCC248E71D@WhiteyJoslin!cid_09BA8D84CB5244E098104FDB79F4977C@WhiteyJoslin