MRFC is pleased to welcome Ben Dabush to our Staff of Tennis Professtionals!  Ben is a recent graduate of Colby-Sawyer College and is currently on staff as the Assistant Tennis Coach!  He has worked as a teaching professional at the David Marshall Tennis Academy and is looking forward to meeting our members and finding his own niche with his new drills and clinics!  Ben has also taken on the role of maintaining our tennis courts with twice weekly cleanings!!    Below is a listing of the classes Ben has designed…all clinics will run for 4 weeks:  Tennis Members:  $52/4 wks,  Fitness members:  $60/4 wks,  Public:  $64/4 wks…

  • Hour of Intensity:   Mondays 3-4 PM ,  Thursdays 1-2 PM or Sunday 10-11 AM:    High energy fast paced drills designed for 3.0+ players!
  • Tennis Conditioning:   Thursdays 11 AM – 12 PM, Thursdays 4-5 PM or Sunday 8-9 AM:   On court drills with cones, ladders to improve on court movement and footwork..some college-style drills included! All levels welcome!
  • Games and Strategy Clinic:  Thursdays 2-3 PM or Sunday 9-10 AM:  Play mulitple games and develp stategies on how to see and attack an opponent’s weaknesses, when to go for the right shot, and win matches!  Designed for 3.0+ level players
  • Perfect Your Technique Clinic:  Thursdays 3-4 PM or Sunday 11AM-12 PM:   Spend one hour on a stroke and perfecting the mechanics,…work on consistency to create your flawless stroke!  All levels welcome!
  • College Games:  Mondays 4-5 PM, Thursdays 12-1 PM or Sundays 2-3 PM:  Drills and Games based on college drill sessions!  All levels welcome!

Call the front desk to sign-up for all the above clinics!  A minimum of 3-4 participants are required to begin any clinic!  High School players are welcome!  Ben is also available for private lessons!