MRFC is  beginning to look at organizing our USTA Travel Teams which begin mid-end of September!  Note for those of you who have been playing league, Early Season Ratings are due out Aug 29th!
Last year we fielded the following teams:
  • Women’s 3.5 …Tuesday daytime matches
  • Women’s 4.0…Tueday daytime matches
  • Men’s 3.5 ….Saturday matches
  • Men’s 4.0…Saturday matches
  • Women’s 3.5 60+….One Thursday/month…..Note that there is an age change effective this fall which would change the Thursday League to a Age 55+
If we have interest we have the court availability to also field a 3.0 Women’s Team…and/or field two 3.5 teams….
Please email us at or  or call MRFC at 526-9293 and let us know if you are interested in playing on any of these travel teams…
If you have questions about your rating or match times/dates/fees…please contact either Laura or Fred
Looking forward to another wonderfullly competitive fun season of tennis!!!