Both the Women’s 3.5 and Men’s 4.0 Teams will be traveling to Districts to represent NH!  Districts are held in NH this summer during the first weekend of August!

Our 3.5 18 and over Women’s Team is captained by Kristin Stetson.  Team Members include  Amie Pariseau, Kathy Joslin, Karen Padgett, Kim Minor, Jenny Chambers, Marie Stevens, Beth Ann Paul, Dot Diehl, Becky Helme, Julia Pierce, Trish Connolly and Sharon Goolbis!  Go Get ‘Em Ladies!!

Our 4.0 18 & over Men’s Team is captained by Richard King.  Team Members include  Glenn McKune, Richard Atherley, Pete Ericson, Jeff Adie, B Manning, Ken Limburg, Kevin Toombs,  Tim Lesko, Jon Mellen, Mike Haxton,  Scott Goodwin, Darvi Rosenberg, Mark Herbert and Peter Reid!  Well done Gentlemen!!

Our 7.0 Mixed team captained by Jenny Chambers and Jim Constantine.  Team members include  Diana Piotrow, Rebecca Helme, Darvi Rosenberg, KC Wright, Jane Frawley, Terry Gould, Michael Constantin, Alex Mexiboz, Christine Cecchitti, Bob Chorney and Trish Connolly.

Our Men’s 3.5 40 and Over Team captained by Jim Constantin.  Team members include:  Bob Chorney, Karl Schmid, Darvi Rosenberg, Louis Caron, Jeff Dailey, Alex Mezibov, Chet Porowski, Scott Reid, Dave Brazier, and Paul Snow

Both our 3.5 18 & over Men’s Team, captained by Jim Constantin, and our 4.0 18 & over Ladies’ Team, captained by Karen Padgett, had exceptional seasons also.  The Men short only 4 individual matches of First Place and the Women ONLY 1 individual match away from Districts!  Great Seasons to all our league players!!!