MRFC is pleased to once again offer Summer Junior Tennis Camps for children ages 6-17!!  Fred Kolehmainen and our assistant pros are looking forward to a busy summer on the courts!!

Here is a listing of all of our Camp Offerings with Days/Times/Dates and Costs.

Ages 6-8   Tuesday & Thursday 11 AM -12:30 PM    Cost:  Mbr:  Daily: $18  Weekly:  $35    Public:  Daily  $22.50   Weekly:  $42    These classes are geared toward developing movement and balance and building a skill set to help learn about and become successful in the game of tennis  Using age appropriate balls, racquets and nets to encourage growth and success in the game.  Creative drills and games to have fun, learn and smile!!  Max 6:1 Ratio

Ages 9-11   Tuesday and Thursday  12:30-2:30 PM   Cost:  Mbr: Daily $25  Weekly:  $45   Public:  Daily:  $30   Weekly:  $55     These classes include comprehensive tennis instruction designed to improve basic skills and to promote an understanding and love of the game.  Focusing on footwork, balance and control we develop the key elements of tennis technique, and through creative drills and games we learn while having fun!

  • Ages 6-11 Session Dates:   Session 1:  July 14/16      Session 2:  July 28/30     Session 3:  August 11/13

Ages 12-17    Monday, Wednesday and Friday  1:30-4:30 PM   Cost: Mbr:  Daily  $37.50   Weekly:  $100    Public:  Daily:  $45   Weekly:  $120  Camps include comprehensive tennis instruction designed to improve basic, to more advanced skills, understanding and love of the game.-  Balance, agility and footwork emphasized with creative drills and instruction to promote solid technique, control and consistency!  Fun drill based tennis games, match play and strategy will also be introduced!

  • Ages 12-17 Session Dates:  Session 1:  July 6/8/10  This week is not open to beginners    Session 2:  July 20/22/24  All levels welcome   Session 3:  August 17/19/21  All levels welcome

To Register or for more information contact MRFC at 526-9293 or email us at