Dear MRFC Member,

As we start 2017, we’d like to take this opportunity to say, “THANK YOU” once again for another great year together and share some changes, some accomplished and some yet to come, during the start of our TWENTIETH year as a family owned and operated fitness and tennis center.

Improvement over the past few years have included:

  • The addition of Fitness On Demand, for access to over 200 quality fitness and mind/body programs
  • The renovations in our Men’s Locker Room facility which included new lockers, benches and re-tiling
  • The addition of new Free Weight Sets to the Fitness Center
  • The re-flooring and painting of the Club Lobby and first floor hallways
  • The re-painting of our Group Fitness Studio
  • The addition of a surveillance system to assure your safety in our facility at all times
  • The sealing of our facility roof
  • The addition of new cardio equipment..Arc Trainers, Spin Bike and Treadmill
  • The addition of POUND Fitness to our Group Fitness Schedule

We are constantly looking to improve our facility, our equipment and our programming and are always open to hear your opinions on what you’d love to see here at MRFC!  We are committed to continuing to maintain our building and to improve our facilities and programs.

We are sorry to say that continued improvements as well as continued increases to basic operating expenses require us to change our current pricing structure.  Our new fee structure, see below, will go into effect April 1, 2017.   Tennis Membership Rates are not changing though we will be slightly increasing court fees, contract fees and lessons fees.

All EFT membership rates will automatically change over to the new rates as of this date.  All prepaid memberships will continue until their scheduled renewal dates at which time renewals will be with the new rate structure.  Note that up until 4/1, you may come into MRFC and upgrade your current membership to a pre-paid 3-12 month membership under our current rates.

We truly thank you for an amazing 20 years and for your continued support!

Laura Joslin-King and Richard King




One Month         EFT (3-12 Mo)       3 Month        12 Month    EFT (12 Mo)

Single                                    $70                         $50                             $150                   $540            $48

Couple                                  $104                       $86                             $258                   $928            $84

Family                                   $113                       $103                           $309                   $1112          $97

Junior                                    $45                         $36                             $108                   $388              $34



PRIMETIME                                               NON-PRIMETIME

TENNIS MEMBERS                           $10.00/HR                                                           $10.00/HR

FITNESS MEMBERS                          $32.00/HR                                                           $24.00/HR

PUBLIC                                                 $40.00/HR                                                           $28.00/HR




MEMBERS:  $40.00/HR                   PACKAGES OF 10:  $360.00

PUBLIC:        $50.00/HR                   PACKAGES OF 10:  $450.00




MEMBERS:   $60.00/HR

PUBLIC:         $70.00/HR