MRFC is pleased to introduce our new Net Generation Jr Tennis Program this Fall!  Net Generation is the official youth tennis of the USTA, celebrating a game where no one ever sits on the sidelines. A game that’s easy to learn and tailored for kids of all ages and abilities. A game where kids have fun, make friends, fall in love with a sport for life, and build their own game on and off the court.  The No. 1 goal of Net Generation is to get more young players into tennis and to get them playing more often. Net Generation gives tennis providers access to the expertise of the USTA and leading experts from around the world. Together, we are developing new play formats, world-class coaching curriculum, plus digital tools that will help break new ground on and off the court!  Note that Net Generation Classes are based on learning and mastering strokes and shots prior to moving onto the next class..Net Generation will provide a parent portal and App so that pros can keep both parents and children informed as to their child’s progress, assign “homework” and set goals! 

Our Junior Schedule will be as follows:

Pre-Rally:  Tuesdays 3:30-4 PM: Starting at 4 years old, your child can learn to play tennis. This class is designed to target children at a young age to get them familiar with the game of tennis and build motor skills needed in the sport.

Red Ball 1-3: Tuesdays 4-4:45 PM: Juniors in this class will focus on the fundamentals of tennis. This class is focused on the basics tennis. The lines on the court, and the basics of each stroke. Players will play on a 36 foot court with large, decompressed tennis balls.

Orange Ball 1-2, Tuesdays 4:45-5:30 PM: Juniors transfer their skills onto a 60 foot court with regular sized, low compression tennis balls. The class is aimed at improving their overall stroke production. Juniors will be challenged to hold longer rallies and start aiming their shots.

Green Ball: Fridays 4-5 PM: Players will transfer their skills onto a full sized tennis court with low compressed tennis balls. Juniors will be fine tuning their strokes as well as learning about match play.

Yellow Ball: Fridays 5-6 PM: Juniors progress onto a full court with a regular tennis ball. This class will work on depth, spin and stroke production as well as match play.

Classes will begin the Week of Tuesday 9/11 and Friday 9/14 and will run for an Eight Week Session.


ANY Question of which class your child belongs in, PLEASE contact Fred Kolehmainen or Ben Taylor at or call us at 526-9293.