Hoping you are all well, safe and healthy out there! I cannot put into words how strange this new reality is and how much I miss greeting you all each day!

To ALL 2019-2020 Tennis Contract Players!
We are looking at differing scenarios regarding completing or crediting the 2019-2020 missed Contract time weeks. Of course to actually do so we do need to know WHEN we are allowed to open!

Some of the options being considered are:
1. Continuing Contract Time past the beginning of June into the Summer to make-up all missed weeks. (Many groups play through Summer)
2. Adjust Contract Fees for 2020-2021 season to reflect the prepaid weeks of 2019-2020 Season that were not played.
3. Credit Individual Players for the 2019-2020 prepaid weeks that were not played.

Basically we’d like to give you A Choice of any one of the above based on your Contract Group’s Preference! Please contact your Captain or email us at!

NOTE: Contract Forms and Fees for the 2020-2021 Season are still due by as noted on paperwork (forms in by April 30th/payments by May 31).

If you know your group for your Contract you can just email it to me and I’ll fill out your form…or fill out form, scan and email….whatever is easiest for you! Once I receive your form I can email you back the exact fees for the Contract based on each player’s of the above options along with options regarding payment of the Contract Fees.

ANY questions please reach out via email or you can call my cell at 603-662-9195!

Thank you again for all for your support!!! We are sending out positive energy all day and every day! Cannot wait until we can all celebrate our love for tennis and for each other together again at MRFC!! WE MISS YOU ALL!!!